26 March 2014

New post!

By which I mean, an entire new blog dedicated to film reviews (and other cinema related stuff).

The new blog is called Cinema cope (yes, Google tells me I'm the first person to come up with that one: you are welcome). It is, unsurprisingly, where I'll post film reviews. It's main focus will be, as the name suggests, movies I see at the cinema.

I'll be putting my reflections on all the Wellington Film Society screenings I get to up on Cinema cope. I'll also comment - however briefly - on any other movies I see at the cinema (and maybe even the ones I watch on dvd or TV etc).

Generally, I'll post there at least once a week. Usually on a Tuesday for film society screenings (i.e. the day after the screening), or Sunday for general screenings. Or both - if you're lucky.

ETA: Actually, if you're really lucky, I might try to get to a general release movie on Thursday (the day they usually first hit the big screen) and review it that night. So ideally the posting schedule will be:
  • Tuesday for a review of the previous day's film society screening,
  • Thursday evening for a review of a new release,
  • Sunday for, say, a review of a film that's been out for a while.
 I'll generally try to post something on Sunday if I don't manage to make the Tuesday or Thursday postings.