29 June 2009

Product placement

I haven't forgotten my commitment to review the latest Star Trek feature. I said I would, and I will; later this week will be the least topical review of Abrams' film likely to be published.

In the meantime, here are a couple of things to look at (and listen to, in the latter case).

First, the image below from unaesthetic, which was brought to my attention on Giovanni Tiso's blog. As noted on unaesthetic's flickr comments, and happily accepted by unaesthetic, it is very reminiscent of work by Andreas Gursky. It's a great image.

That photo in turn reminded me of this Radiohead video.

So take a moment, ... look, watch, listen, and enjoy.

[EDIT: Okay, the Star Trek review wasn't "later this week", as I said. Still, I WILL post it eventually.]

08 June 2009

My political spectrum results

I am apparently a left social libertarian
Left: 4.43, Libertarian: 5.95

Not nearly social libertarian enough for my liking. I'll have to work on that.

Further results:

My Foreign Policy Views
Score: -1.74

My 'Culture War' Stance
Score: -7.23

To try it out for yourself, visit the Political Spectrum quiz. Let me know how you do. (Hat tip: brought to my attention on Dave Crampton's blog, Big News.)

Oh, and finally, here's me (red) compared to the rest of New Zealand respondents (appropriately, blue).