17 March 2010

Thank you Garielle McKone

The top 20 keyword searches that led people to Booksmart, so far this year.

I knew there had to be at least one porn searcher, but "booksmart porno"? And what's with "primetime live pizza hut"?


1. "gabrielle mckone"

2. follatio

3. nz comic name suppression

4. political spectrum results

5. "2010 oscar nominations"

6. "book smart on both"

7. "courtenay place park"

8. "left social libertarian"

9. book smart positive points

10. book smart positive views

11. booksmart porno

12. booksmart.net reputation

13. everyman and his blog

14. gabrielle mckone

15. gabrielle mckone courtenay place exhibition

16. primetime live pizza hut

17. rehmat khan squash natasha

18. good things about book smart

19. hello laziness hypertext

20. not book smart