30 May 2010

Lost for words

Nope, I'm not about to review the final of Lost - not yet. I have to watch it first. We had to record the final episode, shown in NZ on Saturday, as we had a social engagement and I decided that my friend was (narrowly) more important than watching Lost as broadcast. In the meantime I've been giving some consideration to the title I'll give the the blog wherein I do comment on Lost, which I'll be watching tonight. There's the above, and...

Making up for Lost time

The Island of the day before and after

The Lost Boys and Girls

Hurley burley

One Lost chance (I came up with it independently, but Gene Phillips beat me to it. I also like his next post, 'The Last Lost Chance Saloon'.)

Lost in translation

You Lost me

Lost in spaces

Jack shit

Get Lost.