02 January 2011

2011 Review

Two days in: So far, so good.

What have I done in the first two days? I've enjoyed Wellington's fairly decent weather and got a lot of washing done. And some drinking.

I've had fun checking out some of the 150-plus* Low Powered FM radio stations available in Wellington. (Yes, that's the sort of thing I do for fun.) That's over one hundred & fifty in Wellington alone (including Kapiti etc). That doesn't even count the standard power stations like National Radio or Active, or any AM frequency stations like Access Radio. I was quite surprised.
[*Edit: Okay, not all of those are currently active, but there are a lot of smaller stations around, some of which are quite interesting.]

I finished Vladimir Nabokov's Despair. Good book. (I wonder if the original Russian title, Otchayanie, has slightly different connotations than the English equivalent?)

I read Charles Reece's Best 11 Films of 2010. I always enjoy his efforts at getting many non-standard publicity posters for the films. Such as...

EDIT: sorry, image not working any longer. This was it.

I got into part 3 of Y: The Last Man - 'One Small Step'.

And I caught up on the latest Natalie Tran Vlogs.

That's not too bad for two days of the new year.


For the next little while at least, I'll be posting all "pop culture" related stuff (such as film reviews and commentary) over at Poplitiko. Where I am inclined to comment on something other than pop culture, it'll be here. Plus I'll post links to Poplitiko just in case.


Merry new year.